John and Marie Boloian Reservation

Quiet woodlands and wetlands lie within the John and Marie Boloian Reservation. The 0.4 mile Boloian trail begins at a parking lot off Chandler Road and provides an important connection to adjacent conservation land and the Bay Circuit Trail. This area was once the farm of Armenian settler Kayajan (John) Boloian, who purchased 78 acres of land along Chandler Road and grew celery, tomatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables. Kayajan married Maritza (Marie) Muchakian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Together they raised a family in a farmhouse on the property. 

In 1957, a portion of the Boloian land was taken by the State of Massachusetts for the construction of Route 93, which cut through the property and disrupted the agricultural potential of the land. When Kayajan and Maritza passed away they left the land to their children. In 1980, the Town of Andover acquired the remaining land for conservation purposes. This reservation serves as a reminder of the complex history of settlement, agriculture, and displacement that has occurred on some of Andover's conservation land. 

Public Access

This reservation is open to the public for non-motorized recreation such as hiking, trail running, leashed dog walking, skiing, and birdwatching. The Bay Circuit Trail runs through Fish Brook North and connects to the John and Marie Boloian Reservation, AVIS's Harold Rafton Reservation, and the Virginia Hammond Reservation.


A small parking lot is available for public use located across from 189 Chandler Road. 

Language Translations for Interpretive Trailhead Signage at John and Marie Boloian Reservation