American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

The Town of Andover will receive $10,867,057 in federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. The Select Board voted to approve an initial  framework for the use of these funds in winter of 2022. 

On July 11, 2023 the Select Board approved a revised framework that increased allocations for two significant community priorities: the construction of an accessible rail trail at Haggetts Pond and improvements aimed at promoting pedestrian safety. 

The updated ARPA framework is reflected in the table below. For more information on the reallocation, click here


American Rescue Plan Act Project Categories and Budgets


ARPA Category: Public Health and Pandemic Response
ProjectTotal Budget
Behavioral Health Contracted Services/Staffing$400,000
Board of Health Regulation & Policy Review$22,500
Expanded Elder Home Visits$64,385
Pandemic Response$550,000
Public Health and Pandemic Response$1,036,885

ARPA Category: Community Assistance and Partnerships
ProjectTotal Budget
Expansion of Public Cable Access$20,000
Rental and Home Buying Assistance$200,000
Small Business Assistance - Economic Development$250,000
Community Assistance and Partnerships$470,000

ARPA Category: Capital Improvements/Infrastructure
ProjectTotal Budget
Conservation Land Management Policy Development$9,500
Emergency Management Capacity and Initiatives$75,000
Ledge Road Landfill$2,250,000
Old Town Hall Parking Lot Infrastructure$300,000
Pedestrian Improvements$200,000
Recreation Improvements/Park Property$1,675,000
Town Building Improvements$1,510,000
Water Main Transmission Lines$2,800,000
Water Treatment Plant Security Enhancements$100,000
Total Capital Improvements/Infrastructure$8,919,500

ARPA Category: Community Engagement & Administration
ProjectTotal Budget
Administration and Oversight$255,672
General Allocation for CARES/FEMA Non-Reimbursed$0
Participatory/Community Driven Programs$185,000
Community Engagement & Administration$440,672