Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

Andover Bike Loops

Whether you are new to cycling or a dedicated rider, the Andover Bike Loops provide close to home biking opportunities designed by experienced riders. The shortcut is perfect for those new to riding on roads and is gentle and perfect for riding on a regular basis. The longer route also known as the Andover Challenge circumnavigates the Town and provides enough climbing to provide a healthy workout.

The two routes were designed to utilize quiet roads in Andover and maximize safety. Both loops are marked on the roads with crisp white “A”s in the recommended direction of travel. One loop is about 9-miles and it is referred to as the “shortcut” as it partially coincides with the longer 24-mile loop. The “shortcut” uses the same marking with a small “s” at the base of the “A”.

More information about the routes and detailed maps are available at

Andover Trails

Andover is part of an extensive network of trail systems, conservation land and rivers providing opportunities to walk, bike, bike, ski or just enjoy nature. 

Andover Trails Map

Andover Center for History and Culture Walking Tours

The Andover Center for History and Culture sparks curiosity and inspires action by bridging past decisions to present choices, and telling stories that connect to an evolving, inclusive world narrative.

The Andover Center for History & Culture offers a variety of programs including walking tours, talks, hands-on activities, and much more for adults, children, and families.

Andover Center H and C

Get Involved!

The Andover community has formed Walk/Bike Andover, a pedestrian and bicycle committee which advocates for improvements to pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure. The goals of the Committee are to:

  • Improve equity of access to destinations in our community.

  • Enhance the ability of Andover residents to make short trips by walking and biking instead of by car.

  • Improve safety for all users of our streets.

  • Build streets for all people - not only those who can afford to buy a car.

  • Incorporate Green Infrastructure and Regenerative Landscape Design into the Installation and Maintenance of Complete Streets.

  • Improve access to local businesses.

The Andover Planning Division will work closely with the Andover Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee to develop projects that are representative of the needs and desires of our community. Both organizations hold a shared belief that the more accessible our streets are the more resilient our community, environment, and economy will be.

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