Frequently Ask Questions

How can I request a date at the Old Town Hall for my event? 

Please call us at 978-623-8262. You can also fill the rental form (found below) and email it to (Email) to request your date. 

After I reserve the Old Town Hall, what should I expect from the staff?

The staff will work with you to make sure all your needs are meet. They will keep in contact through email and phone calls.

Are other events scheduled the same day?

Based on the timing of your event there may be other events on the same day.

Can I bring in my own food?

 No, please refer to the list of our preferred vendors for catering options.

How can I go about serving alcohol at my event?

Alcoholic beverages may be consumed and/or served at the Old Town Hall only if the alcohol is served by a person employed by a caterer or bar service that has been trained to serve and has presented evidence of liquor liability insurance. If alcohol will be sold at the event, the person or group must apply for a one‐day liquor license  from the Board of Selectmen through the Town Clerk’s Office (978-623-8230). Only non‐profit groups are  eligible for an all‐alcoholic license.  Other groups or individuals are eligible only for a beer and  wine license. If an open bar is planned, the one‐day liquor license is not required.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

No, alcohol must be purchased through an alcohol wholesaler or distributor only.  When a caterer is involved in serving the alcohol, the person having the event must purchase the liquor and not the caterer.  See preferred vendor list. 

Do you offer a projector?

Yes. It is laptop compatible. We also offer a wireless microphone and podium.

Do you have a sound system?

Yes. We have 2 Bose speakers available for hook up.

Is there parking available?

Yes, Parking is available along Main St. and in the parking lot behind the town house. Depending on the time of day, you may have to pay hourly at a Parking Kiosk.  The parking rate is $1.00 per hour.   

Old Town Hall Parking