Become an Election Worker

Free and fair elections are of the utmost important to our democracy.  By becoming and Election Worker, you will play a vital role in ensuring that all registered voters in the Town of Andover are given the opportunity to properly exercise their right to vote.  Under the supervision of the Town Clerk’s Office, you will become a part of an important team and can help the Town of Andover have a successful and efficient Election Day.

As an Election Worker, you will receive the proper training needed to do your job. You will also receive payment for your service or the choice to allocate your time to other town payment programs.


  • Greet voters in a warm and friendly manner
  • Direct voters to the proper precinct
  • Check voters in, hand out ballots, and direct voters to voting stations
  • Attend the ballot box to ensure that voters are depositing their ballot properly
  • Assist voters who may have difficulties voting due to sight and physical limitations
  • Oversee the completion of forms for challenged and provisional ballots
  • Help with various assignments required to secure the closing of the polls 

If you are interested in becoming an Election Worker, please click the link below to apply.  
We are excited that you interested in becoming a part of the Town of Andover Election Team!