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Request for Proposals

The Town of Andover has appointed a selection committee charged with seeking a qualified developer to acquire and redevelop the former Town Yard site in the heart of the Historic Mill District (HMD). The site, consisting of several parcels owned by the Town of Andover, is available for purchase by a developer selected pursuant to the community authored Request for Proposals (RFP). The site, which totals approximately three acres, forms an important development site for the Town given its proximity to the MBTA Commuter Rail station, the Shawsheen River and downtown Andover. Located at the center of the recently rezoned HMD, the Town Yard offers a unique opportunity for Transit-Oriented, Mixed-Use development. The community seeks to replace a tired industrial use with vibrant, attractive development that links the downtown to transit and provides a vital anchor for a revitalized Historic Mill District. For the anticipated redevelopment of the former Town Yard to be truly successful, it should catalyze, support, and facilitate district-wide improvements. The Town of Andover and its residents have undertaken an extensive community process to identify elements that should be prioritized in a new development on this site and look forward to seeing them come to fruition.

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Request for Proposals - Appendices 

Historic Mill District Zoning Bylaw

At Town Meeting in May of 2015, Andover voters overwhelming approved the creation of the Historic Mill District (HMD).  This new zoning district encompasses nearly one hundred (100) acres between Main Street, Dundee Park, the Shawsheen River and Whole Foods Grocery Store.  The purpose of the HMD is to encourage smart growth development in proximity to Andover’s regional transit station by fostering a range of housing opportunities within mixed-use development projects.

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Activity and Use Limitation Termination

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Hazardous Materials Study

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HMD Public Opinion Survey Results - 2020

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HMD Design Guidelines - 2018

Historic Mill District Design Guidelines address the design of new buildings within Andover’s Historic Mill District. With these guidelines the community will find the right balance of insights and ideas without being too prescriptive. Andover’s Historic Mill District has the potential to capitalize on transit-oriented development. These design guidelines lay a blueprint for new development which will prioritize community needs and desires above all. 

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Design Guidelines Documents

DCi Traffic and Circulation Study - 2019

Unsafe street intersections, a prevalence of surface parking, and prioritizing single occupancy vehicles pervades Andover and suburbs alike. The Historic Mill District and the redevelopment of the Lewis Street Site aim to bring forth transit oriented development, green space, pedestrian and bike safety, and an all around community centered feel to Andover. The Town focused on the traffic and circulation of the HMD and provided two options for rerouting the traffic in the area to ensure we meet community objectives.

View the Full Circulation and Design Study.

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Traffic Circulation

Gamble and Associates Strategic Place Making Plan - 2019

The Town has engaged the community in place making efforts to transform Andover’s Downtown into a place where our residents and visitors want to spend time. Place making includes everything from green space and public art to community activities. We want to create an Andover that is ideal for all residents to live, work, play and raise a family, place making is how we do that. 

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PLacemaking Poster

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HMD placemaking

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Water Sewer MP

MBTA Capital Delivery Transit-Oriented Development Group Design/Construction Review for Projects within the MBTA’s Zone of Influence

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Land Disposition Agreement

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2020 Town Meeting Articles

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2020 Land Disposition Video

2015 Zoning Video

Historic Mill District