Message From Chief Patrick Keefe

The mission of the Andover Police Department is to provide the highest level of public safety and professional service to the citizens who live, work, commute, and visit within the Town of Andover. We are dedicated to providing these services by enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the By-laws of Andover and the Constitution of the United States, to ensure that the peace and security of our neighborhoods are maintained and that crime and fear of crime are reduced.

Dedication to the Community

The Andover Department is committed to the safety and security of the Andover community by ensuring high standards, training and maintaining Accreditation through the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission.

High Standards

  • Stringent hiring process for the best police candidates
  • 22 week full-time police academy
  • Four-month field training program
  • Probationary period of one year
  • Review of every incident of force, motor vehicle pursuits and annual review of biased based profiling
  • Every citizen complaint is investigated and an annual review is completed for these citizen complaints and internal affairs investigations


  • Annual In-Service Training (criminal law, criminal procedure, motor vehicle law etc.)
  • Annual medical first responder and CPR training
  • Crisis Intervention Team Training which focuses on de-escalation techniques
  • Supervisory and leadership training for all supervisors
  • Biased based training for all officers
  • Annual use of force and defensive tactics training

Massachusetts Police Accreditation

Being accredited is symbolic of an agency’s commitment to professional excellence in the workplace.

It means that the agency has agreed to adopt Program standards as a way of doing business -- and those standards are considered best practices, administratively and operationally.

Achieving Accreditation Status Means:

  • The agency is committed to meeting professional standards.
  • The agency is willing to be assessed on a regularly scheduled basis by Commission-appointed assessors to confirm compliance with professional standards; and
  • The agency agrees to correct any deficiencies discovered during the assessment process to establish or re-establish compliance with standards.

Submit a Police Incident

If you have an emergency, please dial 911.
Otherwise, please call 978-623-3500 and press the prompt to speak with Dispatch.

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