Andover Police Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Andover Police Department is to provide the highest level of public safety and professional service to the citizens who live, work, commute, and visit within the Town of Andover. We are dedicated to providing these services by enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the By-laws of Andover and the Constitution of the United States, to ensure that the peace and security of our neighborhoods are maintained and that crime and fear of crime are reduced.

Andover Police Department Values Statement

Every member of our organization shall be devoted to providing the highest quality of public service with integrity, respect, fairness, compassion, and courage. We are committed to treating the public with respect, dignity and fairness to serve as role models among the community. We encourage citizen and police collaborations and relationships to improve our community's safety and security.

These statements will serve as the Police Department's cornerstone that will ensure that our community will continue to be a safe and secure environment for all who live, work, travel and visit within its borders.
A police cruiser with a decal that reads, "Andover Police."

Department Personnel

View the Andover Police Department Organizational Chart (PDF).

Sworn Officers

The Andover Police Department is made up of 53 Sworn Officers, consisting of:
  • 1 Chief
  • 1 Executive Officer
  • 1 Support Services Lieutenant
  • 4 Patrol Lieutenants
  • 8 Sergeants
  • 38 Patrol Officers

Civilian Members

The Andover Police Department consists of 23 civilian members providing the following support:
  • 1 Network Administrator
  • 1 Animal Control Officer
  • 1.5 Parking Supervisors
  • 1 Community Support Coordinator
  • 1 Dispatch Supervisor
  • 12.5 Dispatchers
  • 5 Clerical Staff