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The Town of Andover is committed to transparency in government and toward that end establishes the following guidelines for requesting access to public records in conformity with the provisions of M.G.L. c. 4, sec. 7(26) (Public Records Definitions and Exemptions), M.G.L. c. 66 (Public Records Law), and 950 C.M.R. 32.00 et. seq. (Public Records Access Regulations). Requests for public records may be directed to any Records Access Officer for the Town of Andover. A list of Records Access Officers by department or division of Town government, with contact information, is shown above. Although the law permits for public records requests to be submitted to any employee, it is highly recommended that the request be directed to a Records Access Officer to facilitate the efficient production of the documents. Any person who wishes to make a public records request may do so in writing or orally.

The Records Access Officer shall, if appropriate, forward the request to another Records Access Officer within the Town for response or directed the request to the appropriate person within Town government to fulfill the request. The appropriate Records Access Officer shall acknowledge receipt and respond to the request within 10 business days of receipt in conformity with the provisions of MGL Chapter 66, Section 10.

The Records Access Officer shall coordinate the response to requests for access to public records and shall facilitate the resolution of such requests by the timely and thorough production of public records. The Records Access Officer shall assist person seeking the public records to identify the records sought and assist persons seeking access to public records to make informed requests regarding the availability of such public records electronically or otherwise.

The Records Access Officer shall provide the requested public records by electronic means unless not available in electronic form or the requester does not have the ability to receive or access the records in usable electronic form; to the extent feasible provide the public record in the requester’s preferred format; if the public record is available on a public web site the Records Access Officer may furnish the public record by providing reasonable assistant in locating the requested record on the public web site.

An abbreviated list of public records maintained by the municipality and available on this website is shown in the table above.

Fees for Copies of Public Records

1. Except where fees for copies and research of public records are prescribed by state statute, we shall charge no more than the following fees for copies of public records: 

 a. the actual cost of any storage device or material provided to a person in response to a request for public records may be included as part of the fee;
 b. the charge for black and white paper copies or printouts of records shall not exceed 5 cents per page, for both single and double-sided black and white copies;
 c. for requests for non-computerized public records a prorated fee based on the hourly rate of the lowest paid employee capable of performing the task may be assessed for  search time and segregation time expenses, as defined by 950 CMR 32.03. In addition, a per page copying fee under 950 CMR 32.06(1)(b) may be assessed;
 d. for a search of computerized records the actual cost incurred from the use of the computer time may be assessed;
 e. for copies of public records not susceptible to ordinary means of reproduction, the actual cost incurred in providing a copy may be assessed. 
Estimates: We shall provide a written, good faith estimate of the applicable copying, search time and segregation time fees to be incurred prior to complying with a public records request within ten (10) business days.
Postage: We may assess the actual cost of postage if the requester specifically requests the records be mailed or is unable to receive copies in person.
Inspection of Public Records. We will not assess a fee for the mere inspection of public records, unless compliance with such a request for inspection involves “search time” in which case a fee under 950 CMR 32.06(1)(c) may be assessed.

Waiver of Fees. We will consider waiver of fees where the disclosure of public records would benefit the public interest.

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