Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Building Maintenance, Mechanical, Electrical, and Security are under the direction of the Building Operations Manager. This division provides all maintenance services including electrical, mechanical, plumbing, carpentry, painting and security to all Town and School buildings using in house staff, and also manages contractor services for maintenance, inspections, and compliance. The Buildings Operations and Maintenance division also provides preventative maintenance for building systems and manages the Building Automation System which controls HVAC systems and lighting. All work repair requests and scheduled preventative maintenance work orders are tracked using many parameters including location, area, room, type of work, equipment serviced, and employee labor in order to provide detailed reporting to management.

The Building Maintenance Division maintains all roof systems, masonry, walls, and ceilings, inspects and maintains all playground equipment, performs interior and exterior painting, and installs and maintains all locks, hardware, doors, and windows. This division maintains a variety of interior and exterior building related systems and components, including repairs to all paving and sidewalks on School property.

The Mechanical/Electrical Division maintains and upgrades Town and School building HVAC, lighting, electrical, plumbing, and building automation systems. This division also maintains traffic signals and Town-owned streetlights.

Security  The Department of Facilities is responsible for all building security systems, keys, locks, access control, employee badges, and Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring systems. The building alarm system is monitored by an offsite monitoring company that monitors the building 24/7. When an alarm occurs they follow established existing protocols and use the Department of Facilities emergency call list when notifying personnel. Any building staff persons whom the Principal allows access to the building must be given the building alarm code to deactivate the alarm system before entering. Security guards also patrol buildings on weekends and holidays.


There is presently 1.35 million square feet of building space consisting of: 

  • Shawsheen Early Childhood Center
  • Five (5) elementary schools; Bancroft, High Plain, Sanborn, South, West Elementary
  • Three (3) middle schools; Doherty, West Middle, Wood Hill
  • Andover High School
  • Cormier Youth Center
  • School Administration offices
  • Memorial Hall Library
  • Public Safety Center; Andover Police Department and Central Fire Station
  • Two (2) Fire Sub Stations; Ballardvale and West Fire
  • Town and School Office buildings
  • Municipal Services Building
  • Building Maintenance Shop at Red Spring Road
  • Old Town Hall
  • Town Yard Complex
  • Cemetery buildings
  • Various Support buildings around Town