Public Works Request

MaintStar Version Update Complete 

Please note the MaintStar work request software has been updated to a new version. If you have saved or bookmarked the link, please update your links to the new address for the online request page. 

Mobile App users (Mobile Citizen) can continue using the same app though it is recommended it be re-downloaded from the app store. 

You may submit a work request to the Public Works Department using the online tool called MaintStar. Click on the following links to access the online system.  If you are on a mobile device you can make a request through the Mobile Citizen app.

 ​Access the online request web page
​Download the mobile app for an Apple device
Download the mobile app for an Android device

Public Works Request

You can use the links above to download Mobile Citizen or navigate to the online request page.
You can also use the form below.