District Metering

Implementation of District Metering Areas

In January 2017, in an effort to improve customer service and water meter reading/billing efficiencies, the Town of Andover implemented an adjustment to water meter read routes and billing cycles. There are now three District Metering Areas (DMA’s) which coincide with the three distribution zones in the Town’s water system. Each DMA is read on a quarterly basis to help the Water Division monitor water demand and usage in each pressure zone and to more accurately determine and locate water leaks and unmetered water use. The implementation of District Metering Areas resulted in a new schedule for customer billing for water and sewer services. Instead of semi-annual billing cycles, water bills are now issued on a quarterly basis.

Please view the map below that shows the new District Metering Areas and a schedule for the calendar year water and sewer billing cycles. Water and sewer rates are updated annually.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Water Billing or call (978) 623-8906.
Meter Reads and Billing