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Are you or a family member struggling with alcohol or substance dependency?

 Substance Abuse Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous of Eastern Massachusetts

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Guide

Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery Online Meetings

Resources Regarding Mandatory Help for Family Members Suffering from Substance Use Disorder or Alcohol Use Disorder (Section 35)

Section 35 Process

Section 35 Petition

Section 35 Affidavit

Resources to Help Make Smoking and Vaping History! 

Support for Mental Health and Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Resources to Help Children Cope

Practice the 4-7-8 Breathing Technique after watching this instructional video:

4-7-8 Breathing Technique Video

Find Tips for Managing Anxiety Related to the Unfolding News Here:

Managing Reactions to the Coronavirus

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Recovery Resource for  COVID 19
MSPCA Help for Pets Owners During COVID 19 Pandemic
Mindset Shift During a Pandemic
Covid 19 At Home with the Family Example Schedule

Mental Health & Wellbeing Website by Mass. School Districts 

This website updates and resources to promote good mental health hygiene during school closure, eventual return and recovery from COVID-19 from the school counseling and social emotional learning departments PK-12 of a number of Massachusetts School Districts. Please share widely!

National Alliance on Mental Illness

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) will conduct support groups via telephone at 508-206-8720. No password is required. For more information, email The first meeting will be held on Saturday, March 21 and will be held on the following days each week afterward:

Mondays at 6:30 p.m.
Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.
Saturdays at 10 a.m.

Online Alcohol Anonymous

Online Alcohol Anonymous (AA) Groups are available at various times and days during the week Recovery Online Meetings for individuals who are in recovery or struggling with substance misuse. Different formats and group sizes are available to choose from. 

Al-Anon has both online and phone support meetings for anyone affected by alcoholism, including family and friends.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 for those either in distress or who have a family member or friend who is struggling by calling  800-273-8255

Advocates Psychiatric Emergency Services

If you are experiencing a mental health or emotional crisis, please call (800) 640-5432 to speak to an Advocates crisis clinician. We are available to help 24 hours a day, every day.

Mission Statement

Andover Community Support Service's first responsibility is to provide hope and support to individuals, children, and families in difficult moments. By utilizing a co-responder and an outreach model with public safety personnel, following a substance abuse/ or mental health crisis, our mission is to connect individuals and families to appropriate level of care.

By collaborating with governmental, community based, and health program partnerships we provide an appropriate bridge to mental health and substance abuse services to individuals and families in need.  In addition, we provide short-term community-based counseling to address issues related to mental health, substance abuse and misuse, and family functioning.

Offering ongoing community education, awareness, and preventative opportunities remain at the center of Community Support Service's mission.