Downtown Parking Lot Improvement Project Update 

Updated 2024

Thank you for your continued support and patience during the construction dowtown.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, including a very wet summer, the construction schedule was delayed. 

We are nearing 100% completion of the downtown parking lot construction.  

Construction should halt for the winter in approximately two weeks.

The configuration of roadway and parking lot are now complete.  Signage installation is underway and will be completed in the near future.  Several light poles are backordered and will be installed as soon as possible.  Once installed, the light poles will be painted in the spring.

Parking meters will be reinstalled in February 2024 and will operate the same as prior to construction.  There will be a fee,  however there will be no time limits set on how long patrons may park unless otherwise noted, such as Accessible/HP parking, 15 minute or 1 hour parking, or Electric Vehicle Charging spaces.

The contractor will return in the spring to complete all punch list items.


In the Spring, several events will be planned to celebrate the plaza area behind the Old Town Hall.  Ideas include: movies, music, festivals, all with the intent of creating community.

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Accessible (HP) Parking Map

HP Spaces in redesigned parking lots Jan 2024

The Town of Andover has initiated a comprehensive and extensive downtown amenities project to enhance the municipal parking lots (last reconstructed in 1986).  The goal of the renovation is to encourage people to park once, and walk to all destination points easily and safely, and to make downtown a destination.

The two downtown parking lots and street network are undergoing a major redesign:

1) to safely accommodate pedestrians with additional crosswalks, safer sidewalks and increased accessibility for alAndover Rendering 4-22-20l individuals,  

2) to improve vehicular flow and drainage (a major component to the project), 

3) to add additional bicycle infrastructure, seating, and improved lighting, and,

4) to create a prominent gathering space behind the Old Town Hall for additional outdoor dining, live performances, and other community programming.

Please call (978) 623-8608 with any concerns or questions about the project between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.  After 5 p.m., voicemail is available.

Parking Lot Rendering
Alternative Parking Areas for Lot Closures
Downtown Rendered Parking Lot Plan

Pedestrian Experience Enhancements (Published Winter 2022)

Lot 1 Plan
Driveway Aprons 1 Plans
Andover Rendering 4-22-20

Public participation helped design the new parking lots (3 interactive meetings held in 2018):

Original Concept Plan 2019

Existing Conditions Prior to Construction 

(the last reconstruction of the area - 1986):

Banner Lot

The lots behind Old Town Hall were constructed in 1986 and have been in need of substantial updates to improve stormwater management, circulation, and the overall pedestrian experience.  The area was extensively asphalt and limited pedestrian crossings.

Project Area