September, 2020

The Town of Andover would like to thank all that participated in Andover’s community conversation on matters of race/racism, equity, diversity and inclusion. Some 125 individuals came together for a virtual meeting to talk about making positive change here in Andover.

That work will begin with the completion of a community-wide survey and a series of focus group conversations to better understand our shared values and priorities here in Andover. The voices of our community will shape the direction of the work to come in both the short and long-term. 

Project Consultant Rick Pinderhughes and the town's Director of Community Services Jemma Lambert will be working together with community members to complete these important first steps. Here’s what to expect in the coming weeks: 

  • Identification of a small, ad-hoc working group comprised of community leaders, project consultant Rick Pinderhughes and Jemma Lambert  to complete the survey design, articulate a project timeline and a road map for our focus groups. It is our intention to identify community volunteers for this work in the next few weeks and to hold our first meeting in October. 
  • We intend to roll the survey out to the community in October, followed by the launch of a series of focus groups with a wide range of community interest groups and individuals.
  • Regular status updates related to the progress of this work will be posted on the Town’s website, provided to Andover’s Select Board, and shared via social media.   


Early October, 2020

Work continues toward making positive change on matters of race/racism, equity, diversity and inclusion here in Andover.


We’re exceedingly fortunate to be benefitting from the talents and commitment of several leaders in the Andover community who stepped forward to volunteer their time on our short-term working group. They are:   

Michael Eatman, Director of Community Life, The Pike School

Dana Allen Walsh, Senior Pastor, South Church

Jorge Allen, World Language Program Head, Andover Public Schools

Elizabeth Walther-Grant, Co-Founder, Merrimac Valley Black and Brown Voices

Nicki Wiggins, Board Member, A Better Chance

Mary Pritchard, founder, Courageous Conversations


Andover municipal team: 

Rick Pinderhughes, Consultant, VISIONS

Jemma Lambert, Director of Community Services, Town of Andover


Together this group will finalize the survey instrument and design our approach to focus group conversations with all of you. That work is underway and will continue through the month of October. 


It is our hope and intent to launch the community-wide survey in October and to schedule and begin conducting focus groups shortly thereafter.


Once these activities are completed Project Consultant Rick Pinderhughes will provide the Town with a set of recommended activities you, our community, tell us are your shared priorities. 


Please share this update with your circle of connections. 


We look forward to sending out a link to the survey in the coming weeks.



  1. Jemma Lambert

    Director of Community Services