Bald Hill-Wood Hill Reservation

The Bald Hill-Wood Hill Reservation is a large protected area consisting of 233 acres. Stone walls in the area suggest that the land was once used for pastures, but it was also likely that farmers along the Merrimack river harvested the forest for wood products. Periodic fires on the summit of Bald Hill kept trees at bay and encouraged the growth of productive blueberry bushes. Wood Hill and Bald Hill are glacial formations known as drumlins, which are smooth rounded hills that were formed long ago when moving ice sheets moved and molded masses of glacial till. These interesting glacial features offer visitors a glimpse into the past; the orientation of these drumlins reflects the direction of glacial movement across the landscape.

Public Access

The Bay Circuit Trail may be accessed from High Plain Road across from the parking area. Bald Hill-Wood Hill Reservation is located next to the Andover Dog Park, and is in close proximity to the Virginia Hammond Reservation, the Andover Community Gardens, and the AVIS Harold Rafton Reservation. Bald Hill-Wood Hill's significant acreage and connection to other permanently protected areas creates a critical wildlife corridor that helps support numerous plant and animal species. The Bald Hill-Wood Hill Reservation is open to the public for non-motorized recreation including hiking, nature watching, snowshoeing and skiing.


Parking is available at 288 High Plain Road.

Trail Map

Bald Hill - Wood Hill