Doyle Link Reservation

Doyle Link Reservation spans 91 acres and is composed of several parcels that were once woodlots and pasture land. Doyle Link is part of the watershed that contributes to the Andover drinking water supply. It encompasses several wetland features, such as ponds, streams, and a red maple swamp near Greenwood Road. The western edge of the reservation also contains unique rock outcroppings that provide a glimpse into the glacial history of the landscape. Doyle Link Reservation is a link to the Bay Circuit Trail, which is marked with trail medallions until it exits onto High Plain Road. 

Public Access

Doyle Link is open to the public for non-motorized recreation including hiking, nature watching, snowshoeing and skiing. Doyle Link Reservation can be accessed through West Parish Cemetery through the gate or over a low spot in the stone wall to the right of the gate at the Junction of Reservation Road and Cutler Road. This trail will eventually exit to Lowell Street through an opening in the stone wall, where an entrance to Doyle Link can be found approximately 200 feet to the right across the street. Another entrance can be found at the end of Candlewood Drive.


Parking is available near the West Parish Cemetery gates, on Juniper Road off High Plain Road, or along Candlewood Drive. 

Trail Map

doyle link