Fish Brook North Reservation

Fish Brook North Reservation is one of Andover's largest reservations, spanning 235 acres with 2.1 miles of trails that wind through wetlands and mature forest habitat. Wildlife thrives in this protected area, with numerous sightings of beavers, foxes, kingfishers, great blue herons, and much more. The Fish Brook Watershed contributes to Andover's drinking water supply, so maintaining the land in Fish Brook North in a natural state helps keep the water supply healthy. 

In conjunction with the Virginia Hammond Reservation (Andover Conservation Commission), the Harold Rafton Reservation (AVIS), and the Wood Hill/Bald Hill Reservation (Andover Conservation Commission ), Fish Brook North is an integral part of a large tract of undeveloped land that is interrupted only by High Plain Road and utility lines. The large areal extent of this undeveloped, permanently preserved area make it very rare and valuable in the otherwise densely populated region of northeastern Massachusetts. 

Public Access

This reservation is open to the public for non-motorized recreation such as hiking, trail running, leashed dog walking, skiing, and birdwatching. The Bay Circuit Trail runs through Fish Brook North and connects to the John and Marie Boloian Reservation, AVIS's Harold Rafton Reservation, and the Virginia Hammond Reservation. Fish Brook North can be accessed from the intersection of River Road and Chandler Road, where there is roadside parking. Parking and a trailhead are also available at the Andover Dog Park at 288 High Plain Road and the Virginia Hammond Reservation parking lot. From High Plain Road, Fish Brook North can be reached via foot trails through the Virginia Hammond Reservation and the Harold Rafton Reservation. A third access location is via the John and Marie Boloian Reservation trailhead at 194 Chandler Road, where off-street parking for approximately six cars is available.


Street parking is available at the junction of River Road and Chandler Road. A visitor parking lot is also available at the John and Marie Boloian trailhead, which will lead visitors to a juncture to Fish Brook North's trail. 

Trail Map

Wetland Pic2