Elder Services Task Force

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The Task Force will investigate the following topics:

  • Identify and analyze the cost/benefits of potential tax relief measures for senior homeowners
  • Develop a recommended strategy to expand housing for seniors
  • Evaluate the current programming and hours of service in key facilities available to seniors and identify recommendations to better utilize these facilities 
  • Consider ways to increase the use of the Robb Center and to integrate senior activities into other town functions
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with local community organizations 
  • Explore opportunities to expand transportation options for seniors
  1. Major Gao

    Robb Center Participant

  2. Champa Bilwakesh

    Robb Center Volunteer

  3. Paul MacKay

    Council on Aging Member

  4. Neil Magenheim

    Planning Board Representative

  5. Louise Hadad

    Council on Aging Member

  6. Martha Leen

    Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley

  7. Anthony Collins

    Associate Planner/Town Manager Designee

  8. Jane Burns

    Director of Elder Services

  9. Jemma Lambert

    Director of Community Services