Andover MiMAP, GIS Library, and Other Mapping Tools

Click on this image to access Andover MIMAP

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Andover MIMAP is an open source tool created by the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission to allow users to explore parcel information throughout Andover. Parcels can be searched by owner name, parcel ID, or street address. MIMAP is an excellent reference for exploring a property's history, boundaries, and current ownership. MIMAP can also be used to estimate proximity to wetland features. This tool is intended to be used for informational purposes and is not considered to be exact.

Andover Trails GIS Viewer

The Andover Trails GIS Viewer can be used to explore the many trails throughout Andover, as well as the location of recommended parking areas.

Andover Map Library

Click this link to explore Andover's GIS library, which contains information about Transportation, Zoning, Open Space and Recreation, and more.