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About Recycling Collection

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Single Stream Recycling: Allowable items of Mixed Paper, Glass, Plastic, and Metals may be combined in a Blue Bin or personal container(s) with Red Recycling Stickers (see below). Plastic bags are not acceptable containers.

Containers: Blue, 18-gallon Recycling Bins may be picked up at the Municipal Services Facility locaterecycle_bind at 5 Campanelli Drive. Please call before traveling to this location to schedule a pickup. Larger personal containers (such as a 30-gallon trash barrel) or wheeled carts may be used, with a total weight of less than 50lbs each, and two (2) Red Recycling Stickers on the outside. Red Stickers may also be obtained for free, available at the Municipal Services Facility.

Limits: There is NO LIMIT on curbside recycling but each container or bundle must weigh less than 50lbs  

Cardboard: Please break down, remove any tape or packing materials, flatten and fold boxes, cartons & other pieces of cardboard into 3’ x 3’ x 2’ bundles (must weigh less than 50lbs), then tie or tape them together & place next to your bin. Boxes not broken down will NOT be picked up. 

The following CANNOT be recycled curbside - please keep these out of your bin.  Please use the "wizard" above to search specific items. 

  •  Any Item Marked #6 
  • Compostable Plastics (PLA7)
  • Any Carton (milk, juice, soup)
  • Pizza Boxes 
  • Frozen Food Boxes
  • Any Item With Food Residue
  • Shredded Paper
  • Plastic Bags, Wraps or Pouches 
  • Foods and Liquids
  • Non-food or Beverage Glass
  • Hot Coffee Cups (all types)
  • Garden Hoses, String Lights, Ropes or other “Tanglers”
  • Clothing or Linens
  • Napkins, Tissues, Towels or Wipes
  • Anything 2” or Smaller, or Smaller than a credit card