Bellevue Reservation

The first parcel of Bellevue Reservation was purchased in 1973 from resident Alice Hoyt. Additional parcels were added to the reservation over the next 40 years through land gifts, tax title transfers, and subdivision developments, eventually growing the reservation to 51 acres of protected land. In 2016, a dedicated group of volunteers spend two years constructing ~1,000 feet of boardwalk that offers visitors intimate access to the lush wetlands underfoot. Wildlife abounds in Bellevue Reservation, with coyotes, woodpeckers, foxes, hawks, and much more inhabiting the matrix of mature woodlands and wetlands within its borders. 

Public Access

Bellevue Reservation can be accessed from Haggetts Rail Trail, the Deyermond Ball Fields on Blanchard Street, and a 10 foot pedestrian easement along the county line at the end of Crystal Circle. 


Rail Trail Parking on Haggetts Pond Road offers parking options for Bellevue Reservation, along with street parking at the end of Crystal Circle and Blanchard Street. Visitors can also park at the Deyermond Ball Fields (trail access is available at the far left edge of the field).

Bellevue Reservation coyote