How is the plowing of sidewalks prioritized?
After the snowstorm subsides, sidewalk plowing begins during regular work hours as they are classified as non-emergency routes.

Sidewalks are prioritized as follows:
1. Snow removal equipment will normally begin operations after a storm has subsided where three (3) inches or more of the new snow has accumulated and the preceding priorities as stated in this section of these procedures have been completed. Snow removal equipment may operate at less than three (3) inches of new snow if the particular characteristics of a storm warrant such operations.
2. This S.O.P does not require the placement of de-icing/abrasive materials on sidewalks.
3. Snow and ice removal on the sidewalks in the downtown Central Business District will be the responsibilities of the Merchants.
Snow & Ice Maintenance SOP

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4. How is the plowing of sidewalks prioritized?
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