How to Make a Motion & Amend an Article?

Amendments must be presented to the Moderator in writing (three copies). After discussion on the amendment the Moderator calls for a vote on the amendment only. If passed the original motion as amended is voted upon. Amendments to amendments are usually ruled out of order. Motions or amendments which differ materially from that printed in the Warrant must be given to the voters in writing at the time of consideration, or shown on a screen readable by all voters. Motions to table are used rarely. 
Types of Motions: 
•Budget questions - Questions on the budget are encouraged. A voter may address the Moderator on any line item in the finance committee report. Amendments can be offered and will be voted on individually. 
•Declaring the Vote - The Moderator may decide the sense of the meeting by a voice vote. If in doubt, or, if the decision is questioned, a standing vote may be called for. Depending on the subject matter, a motion may only require a simple majority to pass, or it may require a 2/3 or even greater vote to pass. 
•Privileged Motions - A speaker may be interrupted only for a point of order, a question of the legality of a motion, or a question to clarify information. 
•Reconsideration - Reconsideration is rarely used and only to correct an oversight or an illegality 
•Visual Displays - Voters who wish to show slides or present other visual material should make arrangements before the meeting. Contact the Town Clerk's Office for additional information. •Adjourn / Dissolve - A meeting may adjourn to a later time and a different place, but when a meeting is dissolved it is finished. A meeting may not be dissolved until every article in the Warrant has been acted upon.
•Pro/Con Microphones - The Moderator will sometimes call for the use of Pro/Con Microphones to help organize the debate on controversial articles. 
•Time Limits - A motion could be made at the opening of Town Meeting to limit the time for presentations to five (5) minutes and speakers to the article three (3) minutes (or any combination thereof). A motion for time limits is usually made to cover the entire duration of the meeting. It is generally a good idea to use this as a guide for any presentations to Town Meeting members.

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