We have two (?) electricity zones?

Yes.  Andover receives its electrical supply power from the WCMA and the NEMA zones.  See map. The 15 million kilowatt hours used by municipal government in Andover is roughly split 50-50 between the two.  WCMA is Western/Central Massachusetts Load Zone and NEMA is Northeast Massachusetts and Boston Load Zone.

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1. Can you provide a brief description of how solar credits work?
2. The total energy savings dollar amount?
3. How many departments were able to report savings and which ones?
4. We have two (?) electricity zones?
5. Which zone gets the solar credits?
6. Will streetlights and other non-buildings get any solar credits?
7. How many buildings in the zone with the solar credits?
8. How were the savings allocated? That is, for the electricity users within a zone, were the savings distributed proportionately to the electricity bill?