How do I get a Municipal Lien Certificate?

You may obtain a Municipal Lien Certificate by completing a request for Municipal Lien form and mailing it to:

Office of the Tax Collector
Town of Andover
36 Bartlet St
Andover, MA 01810

You may download and print the form from this Web site /DocumentCenter/View/5334/MLC_RequestForm. (in Adobe .pdf Format)

You will need to supply the Property Address and name of the Current Owner.  A self-addressed, stamped envelope should be included with the request, if you wish the Municipal Lien Certificate to be mailed to you. 

You may also pay online here .

The cost for a Municipal Lien Certificate is $50.00 for residential properties and $100.00 for commercial. Acceptable forms of payment are: attorney's check; certified or registered check; personal check; and cash (if paid in person).

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