Public Record Resources & Procedure to Request Records

The Zoning Bylaw and zoning map on the town website are the official and most recent map and bylaw.

The Zoning Bylaw is found here:

The Zoning Map is found here:

Permits from 1996-present in our online permitting system are found here:

IF there are any code violations on a property, the address will be flagged in the system.

View archived permits prior to 1996 at

Zoning Board decisions are recorded at the Northern Essex Registry of Deeds.

To submit a Public Record / Freedom of Information Act Request, please either use the 'Public Record Request' form in our Resources section, or submit your request to Please include the record number (i.e. decision number), your name and contact information (telephone number &/or email address).

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1. How do I get a zoning verification letter?
2. Do I need a certified plot plan?
3. What are the setbacks for my zoning district?
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6. When does the appeal period start/finish?
7. Can I file for a building permit before the appeal period expires?
8. How long is a variance/special permit valid?
9. If I need relief from other Town Boards, can I file simultaneously with my zoning application?
10. What are the allowed uses in the (insert district) zoning district?
11. Is this a buildable lot?
12. When will the Zoning Board Members respond to my email, letter or phone call?
13. Public Record Resources & Procedure to Request Records