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1. How do I get in touch with the Conservation Commission to make my concerns known or ask questions?
2. Why didn't the Conservation Commission respond to my email or letter?
3. Where is the Conservation Division located and what are your hours?
4. What is the difference between a wetland and conservation land?
5. When does the Conservation Commission meet and what are the filing deadlines?
6. When are the Conservation Meetings held?
7. If I am requesting to do work in the 100-Foot Buffer Zone, how do I obtain a permit from Conservation?
8. What type of form is used to apply for a conservation permit?
9. I am looking at a house for sale. Can you tell me if there are any wetlands?
10. How can I obtain copies of DEP regulations and/or the Local Wetland By-Law?
11. Is the permit issued by the Conservation Commission the same as a building permit?